Wednesday, November 26, 2008

should be working , not posting!

we are off for a spector - side thanksgiving tonight and for a few days. S and I, J and Hh and SSD2 will be there along with my nephew, Mom and Dad and oldest bro and wife.

this is the 1st time in about 20 years oldest bro is close enough for a gathering at this time of the year. it will be strange to not go to KS for the holiday. We go about every other year to S's dad's mostly and that is a long trip. This will be less of a haul as we are going only to Cheyenne. I hope the weather will hold for a few days, as cold is fine but snow and ice are not fun for traveling.

I have a long list of things to do today to get ready,
wash puppies ( they are coming too)
bake extra turkey- ( its in the oven now)
bake pies ( pumpkin- and cherry)
gather up stuff to take with us,
sleeping bags need to be rolled ( all washed and ready to go)
buy a couple more items missing
and pack up the van.

I am thankful to be spending time with my family this holiday and I am so grateful for my health and my job and my wonderful children, and fantastic husband. - I hope I will remember all these things, and my camera to document this occasion!

please have a lovely holiday, I will try to post from the road, we are taking a laptop and Steven has his PDA-phone - but if you don't see anything here don't worry I will post again soon!

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