Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Killer Chili in High Demand!

Thank you so much ! I love to Share my “recipe” it is pretty loose for the amounts, as I am a cook that puts things in when I have them .

This particular pot had my Basics-
Ground Beef – I used a pound
Elk – roast that I had in my freezer, very lean and cut in small chunks
A little bit of roast beef left over chunked as well.
I sautéed these together with diced onions ( use as much or little as you like) and Hatch chilies from the farmers market this year ( I have them in my freezer) then when all was browned – I drained off the fat.

I put these in the crock pot with –
Dark red kidney beans ( canned- don’t drain) several cans – this pot used three
Pinto beans ( this pot got 1 can)
( some times prepared Chili like Stagg- it has beans and beef- depends on if I have some on my pantry shelve) ( this pot got two cans)
One can of diced tomatoes – ( this pot got one can plain) you can used seasoned diced tomatoes too! Again don’t drain.
I also put in about a tablespoon of Italian seasoning herbs
And A lot of Chili Powder – the red kind. Some times called new Mexico chili powder – I would guess I put about ¼ to 1/3 cup
A little bit of regular sugar (teaspoon or two)
Salt and black pepper
Mix all together and …

Then this pot cooked low overnight – it thickens on it’s own – it may seem juicy at first

This is a very forgiving recipe and if you like garlic, or less beans or more beans, it can be loved over time and adjusted. I also like bell peppers in this recipe and didn’t have any in my freezer wed night so this pot didn’t get any.

Enjoy .

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Kate said...

ROFL!! Love that elk photo. Still fondly recall this secret ingredient in some excellent baked beans! :)