Monday, March 30, 2009

Day number 3 will be as great as day1,2,!!

we are planning the world famous san diego zoo today, more photos and discriptions to follow once we are home.

yesterday we went to Horton Plaza a four story shopping mall, very cool. we found lots of things to try and buy. We went into juicy couture - wow they were proud of their clothes. we could not afford anything in that store. but we saw some cute fashions and we just choise a better alternative at a better price point and recreated some of the looks we saw.

We are so enjoying being with aunt Sunny - we have a lot in common and have a great time discovering all the things we love... her albums are so wonderful. the photos she has are great, things I have never seen before and people I love and remember as well as great young shots of those same people. The albums are such a treasure. It is fun to see my Dad and her as young kids and even as babies. They were both so good looking. But I have to say that even now niether of them look their age either!

well off to get ready for our day of fun in the sun.

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Kate said...

So, so jealous!!! Can't wait to see your photos!