Monday, March 02, 2009

pantone - color forcast

from the pantone web site, this is a pretty cool report and has some advise from designers about what to get this year.

and color advise like this from WNTW's Clinton Kelly

Colors that flatter you never
go out of style. Just choose
wisely. Have a lot of Pink in
your skin? Beware of bright
Cherry Reds which might
make it even Pinker. Instead,
try shades of Burgundy or
Maroon that are easier to wear.
Yellow undertones? Avoid
Mustard Yellows which may
make you look sallow. Gold
or even Lemon Yellows might
be more flattering to your
complexion. And if your skin
is losing some of its natural
luster, bright jewel tones are
the best way to bring your
look back to life.”
Clinton Kelly
Co-host, TLC’s “What Not to Wear”

my favorite color this year is of course : Pantone 18-3520 Purple Heart! I hope I can add some to my fall wardrobe.

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