Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life with Boys - you can't make this stuff up!

Thursday evening we made our 15th trip to the Emergency room! My Son J - the emergency room baby had another Bike crash ( not his first) -
These pictures are from today and as you can see he put alot of stitches on that " pretty Face" - 16 more than the 21 he already has in him from prior stuff. and he tore the skin off of both palms and messed up the top of the middle finger on the left hand.
He was a Lucky boy- nothing broken, though he had a concussion- and then had x-rays and a CT scan, because he passed out at the site of the incedent and on the way to the hospital. But in the end he made out o.k. will have to watch all that face stuff though.

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Kate said...

Holy cow!! First, I can't believe how grown he is! Next, maybe walking would be a good idea for a while. OUCH!