Monday, July 30, 2007

coming up soon- an adventure

The end of the week will bring a new adventure for me called Wood badge- it is part of the BSA program for adult volunteers. I am looking forward to learning a few things about myself and working with others in teams and troops and patrols.

I will spend two weekends this month joining with other volunteer scouters learning lots of new things and committing to some additional program responsibilities. We are going to be at Camp Tahosa and I will take my camera - at least to document for my self this adventure.
We will be camping in this the " lower Meadow" but have been told we won't have facilities for washing! so three stinky days are in the making. I have a backpack, my essentials, fun stuff and a borrowed tent and sleeping bag, as well as a cot. I have done a trial run in putting my tent up by myself if I have too.
I have been walking everyday for the last 20 days, so I hope I will get around ok. I should have thought of a walking stick but I might be able to find something there if I need it. I have a good pair of boots and the boys are going to let me borrow a rain poncho- ( cause we are in the afternoon thunderstorm period)


The Grunt said...

This sounds like it will be real fun, QT. Oh, btw, you've been tagged. Come by my blog to find out what's up.

Kate said...

I could really go for some camping right now. Or rafting down the Niobrara. Hope you have a blast working on your badge!