Thursday, July 05, 2007

Last Night

We went to the Rockies game and saw great fireworks again this year. The post yesterday had last years photos in them. What a blast a full house and of course the Rockies won and had a sweep on the homestand this time. They beat the Mets 17 to 6 what a game. The Mets scored early on but the Rockies came back hard with a ton of hits and runs.

the game time was 6:05 and we got home about 11:30 pm what a blast. The fireworks were fantastic and great music and fans were let on the field, so here are some shots from Coors Field.

Hh and I were first up in our row, we sat up high but this is also the best vantage for the fireworks.

it was quite warm in the afternoon sun, but the evening progressed and right before the fireworks we actually had a rain shower. I can't say enough about the quality of spending our 4th of july here at the stadium, there was a jet fly by and lots of patriotic songs and good spirits. What a nice time to be together.


Michelle said...

You've got such a lovely family, QT.

I took my camera to our county fireworks. We sat under umbrellas because it RAINED THE ENTIRE TIME. I told my husband that I wasn't taking a chance on ruining my camera because of said rain. The fireworks were so brilliant, I couldn't resist. I whipped out my camera and the batteries had died. HA!

Queue_t said...

Bummer Michelle- did you not get any pictures??

well as you can see I am learning to let my girlly take my picture too! so I can be in the picture and scrapbooks as well.

bummer about the rain.

Kate said...

I'm so jealous I can't talk to you right now. Hmmph!


Queue_t said...

K* wish oyu could have been there with us, we had a blast