Sunday, July 15, 2007

I Can't believe a week has gone by....

It has been a busy and full week. Monday we had a funeral at the church for the father of one of the best guys. They are involved in scouting and he had at least 300 people there and we fed at least 200 of them.

Then on Tuesday it was off to work for my very first day as a benefits councelor at CU!! and some meeting new people, learning hings being introduced to at least 50 people, who know my name, but I won't remember every one. Then Wed I trained a bit, as well as thursday. And On thursday and Friday I road the RTD (bus) yeah me. So I have had a busy fun first week.

Hh had a grand time at the Grands, and R and J had a grand time being teenage boys here! it was nice to get to spend time with the boys together, and I think they enjoyed themselves too. Steven went to get Hh at my mom's on friday night and R leaves on Monday to go home, so he got time with the grands too.

Saturday - was a busy day for us as well, at least in the morning, Hh and SSD1 had Karate graduation and are now both orange belts!!! and there will be photos here too.

For me orientation for a BSA course called Wood Badge : This is an advanced training course for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and Venturing Leaders. Its focus is on leadership, not out-of-doors skills. Participants will be able to:View Scouting as a family of interested, values-based programs Recognize contemporary leadership concepts Apply skills they learn from participation as a member of a successful working team Revitalize commitment by sharing in an experience

And coming up tomorrow J will be going to an alternative School call Front Range academy it is part of a larger network call Hope co-op. ( this is an article in the denver post)

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