Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Office

Steven says it looks empty, ! but I may get a different one so I don't want to over due just yet. LOL

These are the two windows, they face norht mostly, but you can see west to the mountain too.
My target special dollar garland. and My very favorite susan Branch - calendar. My pictures of Nueschawnstien castle, that I have had in every office since about 1996 !
My Desk and another little word banner from the dollar spot.
My favorite photos and people to keep me company all day. love my K8 and Super J and HH and all my guys.
The other door connects to another next door office. the one with the window panel leads to the hall.

and my trip in on the bus~! I look mad. but I am not, just trying to be descrete as other folks just don't get this documenting life and making memories thing! peace out folks. Sorry I havent posted as much in a while, I am in the learning curve. Love all my visitors and wish for you to leave me a little blog love if you are reading and looking at my pics.


The Grunt said...

Aw, I guess I will leave you a little bit o' blog love, QT.

BTW, I tried to send you an email but I got a failure of delivery error message each time. Maybe the best way is to email me. My email can be found on my profile page.

Kate said...

Love it! I took office space photos today, too! There is something so fun about playin' around work with a camera!

That is such a great picture of all of us together. (And here I thought the woman taking it was a lunatic. lol!)