Sunday, July 08, 2007

nefew, cousins, grandma, grandpa and me

Hh is off to her week at Grand camp, I picked up my brothers son, and we all visited together.

Me, my Mom, my Nefew R and my Dad
The setting sun on the rockies tonight, after a few thunder storms and hot weather this afternoon.

R and J are going to hang out together until Wed. and then the EX- is actually taking him back to the grands. !!!

I still have to make one more round trip to Colorado Springs to pick up Hh by Friday!

An I am off to work starting Tuesday Morning. yeah ..... cool.


yankeetransplant said...

What neat pictures! Didn't know you still had your Dad too. What a blessing. J. looks so grown up, and I love Hannah hair cut. Have a great day at work!!!

Sara said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog...I've just been overwhelmed lately about unpacking all my belongings and setting up my new home. It is exhausting, if you can just send some nice energy my way, I would really appreciate it...