Friday, June 08, 2007

the color orange not purple

You Need Some Orange in Your Life
Orange will make you feel open, lively, and artistic.And with a little orange, you will project an aura of friendliness.If you want bolder experiences, you've got to get a little orange in your life!
For extra punch: Combine orange with red or yellow
The downside of orange: It's too powerful and unusual for some people to deal with
The consequences of more orange in your life:
You will become more creative in almost every aspect of your lifeYou will find humor in the most serious and dismal situationsYou will feel like life is exciting, even when you're doing ordinary things
What Color Do You Need?
I love these color things, and the colorstrology by pantone, is still my number one search hit on this blog. I find it intriguing and fun to see the colors in life. And here is the pantone universe site also full of color and life.

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