Saturday, June 16, 2007

Flea market and fun day

we left home at 8:00 am the morning off to the mile high flea market a really big place to buy lots of stuff. We had a couple of things in mind to buy and keep an eye out for and the rest it is just fun to buy other peoples cool junk some times.

I bought a puxatony phil 2006 for my self.

He is pretty cute and soft, I feel I got a good price for him.

We bought some hot fresh roasted chillies too, yum-o
there are lots of fresh produce stands and fun things to taste and eat and buy we bought one other item that there is always a bargan deal on and that is socks!!! we love flea market socks and they are such a good deal. 16 pair for 10 dollars - yeah everyone in my house got new socks.

then we went to the chuch for a mini version of VBS a fun day , we sang, ate and had fun making a bead craft and we had a church search- sooooo much fun, we had all ages and it was great. so There you have it a fun day in the sun..... it was extreamly sunny and warm today in Denver too.

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