Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What happened today?

Colorology , colorstrology and Measured Progress are causing a hit parade on my Blog!

over the last two and a half years my bloging about this topic ( colorology and Colorstrology- see tags for other entries on my blog and links from past posts) has caused hits, but now today I had about 25 hits? what is up with that, most are search engine driven, and I am not sure why there is such and interest in this topic?@! no one leaves me any clue as to why they are so interested in this topic. They certainly do't leave a comment while here.

the other Topic is Measured Progress and that is on a " hit list" search engine from some one in Dover, Mass. ( this is where the parent company is) I hope I post up good PR for them, as this is a job I have enjoyed doing. The hiring is done locally here by Kelly Service Temps. It seems this has been a good sideline for me to pass the time at while still looking for more permanent work. I have been scoring Math for the last couple of days now. I had only done reading before, so the challenge is new and interesting. Seems I haven't totally forgotten geometry and percentages off LOL : ) For the most part I like the people I am with there, it is an interesting mix of newly graduated students,old hippies, trust fund babies, retired and working teachers and principles and administrators with a smattering of nerdy guys thrown in the mix, quite a diverse intelectual community. Most are required to have a college degree so it makes the talk around the tables at lunch at least stimulating.

well thanks for all the visits anyone looking for information on these two hit list topics

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Timothy said...

Not that it matters much, but Measured Progress's corporate headquarters are in fact in Dover, New Hampshire, not Dover, Massachusetts.