Thursday, June 07, 2007

meez- from Mac daddy by way of Jason

if you've got a little time to kill...head on over to'>Meez (hopefully the link works if not just google Meez) and create you one.

Do Jason a favor...if you create one for your blog (or whatever you choose to do with your's) and you fill out your registration (it's all free) put in Jason's username (casperja) so he'll get the credit for it. I think you get something called Coinz when other people sign up. Not totally sure what you do with them although I did see a few articles of clothing and accessories that costs a few "Coinz". So since he turned me onto it, we'll give him the Coinz!

Oh...another tip from Jason...before you download it you need to size your Meez down to "Bodysize 175x233". That makes it fit nicely in your little blog sidebar.

that is the electric slide I am doing , it was fun to make a little person.

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