Monday, June 11, 2007

this and that

well I am still waiting on "the Job" will post up when it is the real deal. in the mean time, work has included helping a friend and today back to measured progress in Longmont ( kelly temp) I like this job reading tests and sometimes think it would be fun to just do this on a part time basis, but i really miss my cleaning ladies, i haven't had since november.

J and I are working on/in group thearapy we are building a bit of trust, but it is hard work. I bought parenting teens with love and logic, by Foster Cline and Charles Fay. I am about 1/2 way through it great book, hard to make these changes so late in his life. But I keep tring to be positive and hopeful. We have aranged for him to go to a non-traditional school, starting in july the program is self paced and he culd move along and get done if he really wants to apply himself to working at his own sucess, the principle seemed really like a great guy and I have high hopes for a turn around in J's future.

Hh is still enjoying her Karate and going with S to work occasionally, She is off to camp Gramdma later in the summer and I think is looking forward to her time with grandpa as he always entertains her and takes her to lunches out, as well as Grandma doing a little shopping.

SSD1 is working at a CiCi's pizza nearby and seems to enjoy his time learning the pizza trade. It is hard to belive he has one more year and he will be a HS grad.

we have SSD2 everyfew weeks this summer for a week at a time, we had him all last week and had lots of success and comunication, when he is with us he does lots of good stuff.

well I am off to bed since i have to get up and drive myself to longmont in the am. Chiao

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