Friday, November 05, 2010

3rd annual chili cookoff a success

We had 6 different kinds of chili - and friendly competion for highly coveted golden Spoon Award. The 1st prize went to a co-worker's wife who made green chili !! The silver spoon went to another co-worker who chilli was outstanding and flavorful.
The third prize went to a co-worker who brought " drangon's breath" chili and knocked everyones sox off with it's flavor and spicy bite.

I sadly did not even win a prize this year, though technically I came in 4th... LOL but the competion was fierce - I have to say I already won a prize and recognition from my peers with a "JOLLY" award.

Spirit of PBS – a.k.a. “The JOLLY” (Not a cash award)
An enjoyable work environment helps to lift the spirits of the PBS staff. This award is intended to recognize the “little things” that people do that make PBS unique and a better place to work. Candidates for this award help to make the challenges of each day easier by demonstrating:

Appropriate use of humor to lighten difficult situations;
Positive outlook regardless of the challenge;
Cheerful disposition with an infectious smile or laugh;
Other unique examples experienced at PBS that helps lift the spirits of PBS staff.

JOLLY = Jovial Outlook, Loves Laughter, & Yummies!

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