Monday, November 08, 2010

apples, weather, weekend, -more....

So tonight is the softball banquet for Hh and the teams _ I of course have contributed the 200 + softball photos I took (lol) - this has nothing to do with the elk pictured above I just wanted to give you something to look at !!

over the past weekend we did a load of apples - from our tree in the front yard this was the best crop ever- all the neighbors wanted some all got some, we made apple sauce and it is quite yummy

we spent sunday on a project that needed to be finished, we too paneling off the dining room wall- if anyone has been at our house they know that has been there forever. we we finally finish - painted and adorned the wall with words.

we had 70 degrees plus until tuesday night- now we have very chilly weather. waiting for a predicted 3-4 inches overnight.

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Kathryn said...

I <3 applesauce!

We also got some snow! Our first this year... Hope it's melted before the big Husker game tonight. We're gonna freeze! :)