Thursday, November 25, 2010

Avista with a view

the day did not turn out as ecpected yesterday- my work comp doctor visit turned into a trip to the ER at Avista hospital in Superior. My ER visit turned into a stay ( one night so far-with one more at least coming up)

What you say?- well this is what at the moment a cell infection called cellulitis- this is what web md says about it. It can be very serious and cause complications so the best thing is what is being done for me now anyway!! Iv antiboitics and off my feet rest for a few days while my body tries to heal and get well.

And to think all this from falling down on a rug!

Well I was so looking forward to thanksgiving - I have lots of food and we invited our friends K and A and their family to join us for a meal and fun- so now i am stuck in a hospital bed I know i will at least be here one more night - life gives you things you make the best with them.

I am super thankful this year for a wonderful Husband in S. I love my children Hh and J so much... finnally settling with J into a more adult conversation. thankful for the fun we have as a family. my Setep sons D1 and D2.I am thankful for my in laws,outlaws and exteneded family it has been a wonderful year with visits with our family. I am thankful for my friends,K8 , her mom and daughter..My friend Karen ( who is making dinner at my house) her famliy, grateful they were able to oull through a major crisiswith health and life work. My newest friend Jean wonderful sence of humor and likes me for me. I am happy to say I love my job at the university and thankful to still have it and benefits.

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