Monday, November 22, 2010

Knees- Black and blue

I had a mishaps on Wed - last week - I will post some photos of the actual ( ugly knee) I went to google images of black and blue knee and the funny thing is sox were the most prevalent return on my search LOL
Well I did not have any socks on - and I fell down - I was at work and it was later in the day. I tripped going into Bldg 500 ( old fitzsimmons) on a wipe your feet rubber and cloth type mat ... there were actually quite a few people who saw me do it and one lady even commented that I was " not the first one today" to have fallen!!! WTF why didn't some one do something sooner if that was the case. . . I had a big case of embarrassment and a kind man wanted to help me up ... I wanted nothing more than to be invisible. but I did get up at the time, went on my way took care of my end of day business there and rode home on the bus ( all the while i could feel the pressure and increased heat and size of my knee)
I went to work the next day- Thursday but did report this incident as work comp /safety related. so they sent me off to the Doctors where they proceeded to take a series of x-rays to be sure I had not broken anything. well I had not ( thanks God - what a blessing) My fat knees saved me again. I think I was so shocked to have fallen i didn't do anything to break my fall there by saving me from anything broken.
The bad news it there is severe arthritis on the knee itself---- just like the right now the left has been told it should be hurting ----- (click to see entry about other fall on knees) ----on those days when the weather turns colder.... the swelling has gone down some ( but still not done) I have pins and needles and burning on my leg!! it sucks and it hurts but I am still in the land of the living getting up and going best I can. will keep you posted to the progress hahaha

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