Tuesday, November 30, 2010

home again home again

Yay - after 6 days at Avista I am home. I spent my first day today " homebound" I am not to drive or do anything to strenuous.

I arrived home in the afternoon yesterday and then I received supplies and a visit from a home health care agency. I will be giving myself Iv anti biotics until I am released to return to duty ( that could be 7-10 days) . I have a "power PICC " and it has seals that have vacuum to them. So I had to learn how to administer my drug and clean up and flush my own lines. All good I am a quick learner and fast study though there were a few moments when I had a pain pill an was not 100% certain I was following the procedure.

We ended up going to purchase a recliner - we bought a Lane, and moved our love seat in the downstairs office to the bedroom. so the recliner is there near the TV. it is awesome and allows me to rest with my feet up. S hooked me up to the 52 inch screen with my computer !! so I can read e-mail surf the net and generally have a great time home alone.

I will see an infectious disease person tomorrow afternoon., and a home health nurse will be here tomorrow for the Blood draw to measure the amount of my antibiotic call a trough? she changed my dressing too.

I didn't post this on tueday when I wrote it - posting today

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